Up hill and down dale on two wheels

Meadows, forests and mountains accompany you on your bike tour

If the soles of your feet still ache from tackling the last summit, hop onto a bike instead. There are plenty of appealing paths for both walkers and cyclists all around the Feldthurnerhof.
Up hill and down dale on two wheels
Fast bikes, happy heart, biking is good for the soul.
You don’t have to be a downhill pro. The Val d’Isarco also has enjoyable paths for all those who are not quite as confident on a mountain bike. Whether you fancy cycling at a leisurely pace along orchards or head full pelt into the mountains, the panoramic view all around will blow your mind. Just make sure you don’t fall off your saddle as you admire the stunning vistas.

By the way, you can pick up tour tips and rental bikes from us at any time. As a guest of a “bike-friendly company in the Val d’Isarco” you can also enjoy guided tours. We are happy to organise these for you in cooperation with external providers.


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